Ann Arbor Cello and Violin instruction in the Suzuki Talent Education Method & Alexander Technique

Located on Ann Arbor's westside

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Welcome to my website!

Music offers us so much!

My goal is to teach in such a way that students experience both excellence and enjoyment while learning, so that all of music's gifts are possible for each student.

Would you like that for your child? Would you like that for yourself, if you are beginning or continuing the cello, violin or viola? If so, you will feel right at home in my studio.

The study of music can be a most extraordinary experience! For children it's an opportunity to combine self-expression with self-discipline, and to discover a love of music that will last a lifetime. Childhood is such a precious and vulnerable time, and teaching children music is an opportunity to learn how to learn that becomes a template for future learning in other areas of life. With nurturing, support, encouragement, and discipline, your child will have the opportunity to develop their full musical potential, yet be encouraged to learn in their own unique way, and at their own pace.

For many adult students learning to play a musical instrument is a dream come true! It may be a return to study previously interrupted, or the fulfilment of a longing to express the inspiration they feel when listening to beautiful music. For others it's an opportunity to challenge themselves to stretch and to grow in new ways.

Integrating Alexander technique into my teaching allows students of all ages to experience the 'ergonmics' of playing. Students learn to play with greater ease and joy from the very start. In the process they learn to avoid the kinds of stresses and strains that can be so discouraging to both students and performers over time. Students take the wisdom learned from Alexander technique into their lives. That is a gift of grace, energy and elegant movement that enhances performance across all areas of daily life.

I am delighted to have you visit my website, and I look forward to meeting you sometime soon!


Alice Greminger


Phone: (734) 665-0849