"We should say to each of them...do you know what you are? You are a marvel. You are unique. In all of the world there is no other child exactly like you. In the millions of years that have passed, there has never been another child like you...you may become a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything...You must work-we all must work to make this world worthy of its children."

Pablo Casals............Renowned cellist, composer, and teacher to musicians worldwide

I offer a free trial lesson without obligation, as a way to get to know each other personally and musically. My fees are customary to the Ann Arbor area, and I offer a sliding fee scale in cases of financial hardship.

My combining of the Suzuki Talent Education Method with Alexander Technique and the latest research on how we learn is unique in the Ann Arbor area.

The Suzuki Talent Education Method involves creating a loving, supportive environment for learning, modeled after how we learned our first language. This enables every student, whatever their age, to develop talent and ability.  When students experience the method of Alexander Technique they quickly understand why it is part of the curriculum at Julliard. It releases tension, freeing one’s movements, expression, and creativity. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

My program has three branches: the full Suzuki program in which parents have read about and understand Suzuki philosophy, come to their child’s lesson, coach their child’s home practice, and sign their children up for individual lessons, classes, and concerts; the transfer program for students who have started their instrument with a non-Suzuki teacher or in a school program; the adult program for adult beginners, adults who already play, and adults who are coming back to their instrument after a hiatus in playing. 

The core of all three programs is the weekly individual lesson

  • These lessons are individualized to the students’ needs, interests, and learning style
  • The progressive Suzuki repertoire can be supplemented with additional classical music, church music, fiddle music, jazz, movie music (Harry Potter and Star Wars are very popular), and ensemble music!
  • A strength of my teaching is my over 30 years of experience teaching four year olds through adults!

The additional offerings through my studio are meant to enhance the weekly lesson and with the exception of classes and concerts for students in the full Suzuki program, these offerings are optional.

Class lessons

  • Suzuki students have class lessons every other week
  • Transfer students are encouraged to take class lessons where the fun of ensemble playing can boost skills and motivation
  • Adult students have the option of joining an adult ensemble class

Many performance opportunities

  • Students in all three programs are encouraged to share their music with others by performing. This connection with others through beautiful music can be very meaningful and beneficial to self-esteem and poise. Some transfer and adult students prefer to not perform, keeping music as a personal retreat. This is fine. If fear of performing is blocking performing I have many ways to help students overcome their fears. As Tanya Carey has said, “performing can be like, preparing and sharing a wonderful meal with one’s friends.”
  • Home concerts are available for all students. These are fun and informal, and help students get comfortable with performing. We even played part of a home concert in a barn to welcome a student’s new horse! (see the photo page) Along with solos we usually have a “jam session” where we all play together with parents and siblings welcome to join in.
  • Studio recitals are available for all students. One or two are scheduled each year, in a church, with an accompanist. Here students and audience, and the music being played, all benefit from the beautiful surroundings and acoustics of a church. Sometimes these concerts have a theme. Two past themes were art and music, and a recital that featured Mr. Bones soloing and accompanying student ensembles with his instrument, the bones!
  • Special solos for such things as birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s day, church, neighbors, and phone call and video performances for grandparents, can be fun and meaningful for school age students.
  • Concerts in the community are a way for students to experience music as a service to others. Recently a group of students played a concert for residents of Huron Woods, a home for people with Alzheimers, and they are eager to play more concerts there. One adult student organizes and plays in the December music program for Compassionate Friends. 

Concert field trips

  • These are a way for students to experience the excitement and inspiration of concerts by top performers. When Rostropovitch gave his final concert tour before retiring, a group of fifty students and parents traveled to Toledo Ohio to hear him play with the Toledo Symphony. One boy’s ticket was a birthday present from his parents. After the concert he said that was his favorite birthday present.

Alexander Technique

  • For interested students, Alexander Technique is woven into the lessons and classes offering optimal technique, freedom of movement, and musicality

Please do feel free to contact me regarding any unique requests or needs!

Phone: (734) 665-0849


Email: agreminger1@gmail.com