Just have to tell you....

Playing my cello today was an incredible experience!  It felt so effortless on my part, and unless I'm delusional, everything sounded better than it ever has.  I'm smiling big time........

Adult Cello Student


Alice Greminger is my daughter’s cello teacher and they have met for two and a half years.  From that time on, my daughter has done nothing but improve.  She has gained more insight on all aspects, from stage fright, understanding of music, to poise and manner.
     My daughter, starting out, was a nervous wreck before recitals and refused to participate, but time after time Alice’s patient support helped her overcome that fear and she is now performing with groups all around the city.

Leah Luo
Ford Motor Company

What I most appreciate about Alice’s teaching style is her consistently positive approach.  Not only does she point out what Caleb is doing well but she also has the ability to give constructive feedback in such an affirmative way that Caleb is unaware that he has actually been corrected.  Alice actively joins with Caleb in a playful as well as in a serious manner, and just a few minutes into the lesson, Caleb is relaxed and clearly enjoying the lesson.

Sharon Allen

I love the fact that Alice incorporates the Alexander Technique in her teaching. She is very skilled in it, and this has been a major reason why my daughters are excelling so rapidly.

Tyla Bos mother of Hannah, violist, & Jessica, violinist

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher.  I really appreciate all the relaxation techniques that you have told us about!  They have taught me more about my body and how complex and wonderful it really is.  Also, thank you for cooperating so well with all three of us.  You truly have been and I know will always be a wonderful teacher.

Hannah Bos   13 year old viola student

Alice provides confidence to her students.  I am an adult cello student and have too many demands to practice consistently.  Alice never makes me feel bad about this.  Rather, she shows me how a lack of practice can actually be beneficial.  She also shows me how to practice when I don’t have my cello with me!  It is amazing to see that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Alice’s method of instruction is holistic...it deals with the mind and body as one.
What I learn about playing and performing music can be generalized to many other activities.  For example, I have learned how to be a better public speaker by thinking of this activity as a musical performance.  Another example is that I have begun to see how we develop physical habits that are often an expression of tension and that limit the ability to not only play the cello but also the ability to be as free to perform other everyday activities as well.

Jeff Stein
Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
College of Engineering
University of Michigan

Alice’s teaching style is both inspiring and invigorating.  She has the ability to assess a child’s attention level and adjust the lesson accordingly.  Alice will incorporate their personal interests in the lesson, while adding humor, which makes learning to play the cello a fun experience.  Her flexible and gentle teaching allows students to feel successful with the piece they’re learning while being presented challenges for which to strive.

A very satisfied parent and elementary school teacher

My daughter has been taking violin lessons with Alice for the past two years.  During this time I have seen tremendous growth in Hannah’s ability and comfort level when playing her violin.  Alice has a special way of working with students and parents by providing a supportive, encouraging atmosphere.  I have a limited musical background and Alice has been a wonderful resource for me so that I feel comfortable working with Hannah.

Valerie Smith
Grants Administrator/Finance Manager
U. of  M. Neuroscience Graduate Program

I watched that cello performance with a full heart-I was deeply touched at the poise Jack and Matt displayed.  It was doubly moving to see how much they enjoy playing their cellos.  It is clear their love and respect for the instrument comes from you.  And any time love and respect enters the world we should rejoice.

Ted McGuinness
Counselor, Archbishop Molloy High School
Briarwood, NY

A poem written by Hannah Bos, a viola student.


The first tremoring notes split the air,
Mellowly they fill my chair.
I’m taken away to a world unknown,
A place where I am all alone.

The lovely music fills my ear,
I reach to brush away a tear.
Exalted, as on wings I fly,
Through paths of music in the sky.

The notes are faint,
I float to earth,
They die away,
My daydreams vanish.